Port Freeport Reaches Milestone In Vehicle Units Handled

FREEPORT, TX (December 6, 2021) – Over the last year, Port Freeport has continued to experience rapid growth, reaching a new milestone of over 106,000 vehicle units handled in partnership with Amports, who offers vehicle processing and terminal management services.     

 “What began as a modest facility of about 38 acres and five vessel calls per month, has grown to approximately 75 acres and 12 or more vessel calls per month,” said Port Freeport Executive Director/CEO Phyllis Saathoff. “The Port’s proximity and efficiency to regional and global markets combined with the superior terminal services offered by Amports, has made Port Freeport a hub for vehicle imports and exports.”

The strategic partnership with Amports allows Port Freeport to provide efficient and consolidated services to multiple carriers, including Glovis USA, Grimaldi Lines, Hoegh Autoliners, Liberty Global Logistics, Sallaum Lines and Wallenius Wilhelmsen, providing shippers with connections to global destinations and American businesses access to global customers. 

“AMPORTS has seen record setting growth by partnering with Port Freeport,” said AMPORTS Chief Operating Officer Ben Buben.  “Port Freeport makes it very easy to do business, invites new innovative ideas, and has ample space to handle our current and future customers.” 

Port Freeport has seen an increase of over 80% in both vehicle units and RoRo cargo handled since 2015. Annual vessel calls to Port Freeport have more than doubled in the same period. The completion of Berth 8, expected in 2023, the investments being made with the Freeport Harbor Channel Improvement Project, and the expansion of Velasco Terminal, will allow further growth.

“The exponential growth in the RoRo business means more good-paying jobs for the men and women in our local community. This type of cargo requires a much larger pool of skilled labor. We thank our partners for choosing Port Freeport.” Port Freeport Commission Chairman John Hoss said. 

Port Freeport is a leading port in the export of crude oil and natural gas liquids and ranked 6th in chemicals, 15th in foreign waterborne tonnage, and 26th in containers.  A 2019 Economic Impact Study by Texas A&M Transportation Institute revealed that, nationally, the Freeport Harbor Channel generates 279,780 jobs and has a total economic output of $149 billion.  Port Freeport serves Atlantic Container Lines, AMPORTS, BASF, Chiquita Fresh N.A., CEMEX, CMA CGM, Dole Fresh Fruit, The Dow Chemical Company, Enterprise Products, ExxonMobil, Freeport LNG, Glovis, Grimaldi Lines, Hoegh Autoliners, Kirby Marine, Liberty Global Logistics, Mammoet, MEGlobal, Phillips 66, Riviana Foods, Inc., Sallaum Lines, Tenaris, U.S Department of Energy, Wallenius Wilhelmsen, and Vulcan Materials Company.


Port Freeport is committed to keeping the local community informed of our operation and results. If you have questions or comments about this article, please email or call Tricia Vela, Public Affairs Assistant.