The Port & Transportation

Port Freeport

Situated on the Gulf of Mexico in the southernmost portion of Brazoria County Port Freeport is the deepest port channel on the Gulf. The port is the shortest deep water port on the Texas coast because it takes just one hour of transit time by the biggest ships, from the Pilot Station to the Harbor Docks. Currently the channel depth is 46 feet with a planned increase of 51 to 56 feet in the near future.

$31 Billion
In Industrial Investment in Brazoria County Since 2013

The multi-purpose harbor at the port can accommodate a wide range of cargo from automobiles to other equipment, steel and other raw materials and any number of agricultural commodities. The harbor area includes warehousing and other facilities for preparation for distribution. The Port is a foreign trade zone providing duty-free deferral of stored cargo. Port Freeport is always expanding and improving with new and additional facilities like berths and cranes to handle the largest class of cargo vessels. Union Pacific Rail lines are also being added for land based transportation.

Port & Transportation
Deep Draft Vessel Arrivals in 2019
25.1 M
Total Tonnage in 2019
$140 B
National Economic Impact
Jobs, Direct, Indirect and Induced

Highways & Interstates

4 Major Highways
Highways 6, 35, 36, and 288 criss-cross Brazoria county

In addition there are numerous county roads that bisect the county and connect to the Gulf coast.

The Brazos River runs through almost the middle of the county starting well north in the state of Texas and running all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. There is also the San Bernard River that roughly parallels the Brazos to the west, also ending in the Gulf.


Brazoria County is served by Union Pacific.

Regional Airports

Gulf Coast Regional Airport

The county has its own airport, the Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport, featuring a 7,000 foot long grooved, concrete runway. Located on 635 acres, the airport is open 24/7/365. The airport has many of the features business travelers demand including car rental.

Pearland Regional Airport

Pearland Regional Airport is in Brazoria County, Texas, near Pearland in Greater Houston, 17 miles south of Downtown Houston. The airport and FBO is managed by Texas Aviation Partners, LLC. It was formerly Clover Field.